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Psychic-Medium, Animal Psychic, Master Palmist,  Reiki Master,  Animal Reiki Master, Karmic Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Ancient Sacred Healer.


All of my readings are intended to bring peace, love, clarity and healing.



Robin Eatman: 3rd Generation Psychic Medium.  
Known up and down the East Coast for her authentic gifts, Robin is able to talk with your loved ones that have passed over, to help deliver a message of understanding and healing. She also talks to animals here in this world and those that have passed over, offering a deeper level of communication that may bring clarity and peace.

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As a Psychic-Medium, Animal Psychic, Karmic Healer, Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Master, Master Palm Reader, and Shamanic Practitioner, Robin can help you with your questions and concerns. Ready to take the next step? Contact Robin today for your reading.

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