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I have been called The Guardian of the Guardians. I was born on a farm in rural North Carolina. Since I was a child, I have been communicating with animals, even before I knew that I could communicate with them. I knew I could sense all that was around me. I’ve sharpened my gifts over the years, and it has rewarded me with being able to talk to animals and plants. I've always been great with dogs and all animals. Training has been like second nature to me. I seem to always know how to reach a dog at that certain moment. I'm an “Animal Communicator.” Some people know this as a Pet Psychic. I am able to communicate with animals here in this world and those that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It's a humbly amazing gift to have, and I cherish it greatly. Now comes the responsibility – to gently combine the reality of the dog with the reality of the human and work out a compromise. This gift has indeed changed how I train!

One important point about rescued and foster animals. I recently had the honor of working with a lady that was fostering a Pit Bull. This dog, over a year old, wanted me to tell this human that hers was the ONLY loving touch the dog had EVER felt and that the dog loved this human with all that he was. The dog ALSO KNEW he was a foster and lived in constant FEAR of being given away and losing the only LOVING human in his world. I cried telling this lady this message, as I can feel the emotions of the animal! I begged her to no longer foster this wonderful soul but to forever more keep him and make him family. To this she agreed, and I sent her to “TELL this Pit Bull he is HOME and no longer a foster!”


Please remember to let  your animals know what is going on.  
I promise....they know way more than you think they do.

 I provide animal communication and yet, much more.   I am able to see the soul connections between you and your animal. I am able to connect with all animals, here in the present world and those that have crossed.  Once I validated to myself,  that yes, I really could talk and hear animals speak, my world changed.  I went professional as an Animal Communicator and was happy with my path.  And then, my gifts grew and grew and grew.  Or, the better statement would be, I remembered all the gifts I had.

Today, I can proudly say, I'm a Professional Psychic-Medium with all the gifts.  Spirit gives me whatever gift I need for the person sitting in front of me.  It may come as connecting to a precious pet that passed away 15 years ago, or a pet still living,  or connecting with their Spirit Guides, connecting with passed loved ones, or seeing a past life for them. I can connect with energy.  Animals, Humans, Guides, Past Life in this world or those that have crossed over.  Energy is energy.  It cannot be made nor can it be destroyed. Unless I am at a Psychic Show, I do sessions over the phone.  I don't have to see an animal in person, nor do I have to see a passed loved one.  It's the energy I connect with.  

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