Soul Retrieval.

I am a Shamanic Practitioner.  

I specialize in the amazing Shamanic practice of Soul Retrieval. Each of us loses a bit of our soul from the many traumas we encounter in a lifetime. Such as,  child abuse, living through a war, a serious car accident, the death of a beloved child – these are just a few of the traumas we may have faced. The result is that we often go through life numb, without direction, or without a  sense of purpose or meaning. We think being unhappy in life is just the way it is. Through Soul Retrieval, the fragmented parts are returned to our soul, and we are made whole again. Once whole, we have the potential to experience real joy.

If we look at souls as a fragile stone and as “events” as a guy with a chisel ... then you can see that negative events chip away at your soul. It can be just little chips: a parent telling a child they are not good enough, not smart enough, not athletic enough. Or it can be serious traumas such as child abuse, alcoholic parents or family members. Car wrecks, traumas of war, the death of a child – all result in the loss of parts of our soul. When we lose part of our soul from pain, we also lose some good or positive parts of our souls, too. Grief and pain rob us of joy, happiness, ambition, and more. If you are suffering from the serious traumas of soul loss, then you are a prime candidate for this wonderful procedure. Are you doing pretty well in life but still ask, is this all there is to life? Then you also are a prime candidate for this procedure to “see” exactly what is holding you back and bring forth all you need to succeed in life.

Note: I do NOT bring the pain forward; you have suffered enough. Truth be told, you have probably suffered way too long. I bring forth only the positive parts that can make you whole and walk this life as a whole being from God.

 Approximately 1 hour, $150

Prices are for a reading over the phone. A reading may also be completed in person at a higher rate.

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