I wanted to thank you for your reading on this past Saturday at the Mind, Body, Spirit expo in Raleigh. Sitting down with you I felt an immediate connection which manifested in your reading. I have been read by the best - John Edward being one... and you were more dead on in 15 minutes than anyone else in almost 2 years since my mothers passing. She must like you because she was the first thing you mentioned.  Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you again soon! 

Michele B.  Raleigh, NC

 I met you at the Mind Body Spirit Expo in Raleigh and we spoke about my foster cat Alex.  I went home that day and started  telling him that he will always have a place here in my home and that he didn't need to worry about ever going anywhere  again, just as you advised me to.  I told him I wished he would let me touch him, and that I was going to start slowly working for that to happen again. On your advice, I sat with treats lined up leading to me, and he would eat the ones farther away  from me.  We did this a couple of nights, but he wouldn't ever get close enough to touch him. Yesterday, as he laid on one of the cat trees,  I sat and spoke directly to him.  He watched me very intently looking right straight back at me.  I told him over and over again he is HOME! Well, this morning, he was under a comforter on the  floor so I took that opportunity to try once again.  Here are pictures to  show you what happened! (the photos show that Alex came out from underneath the comforter and let her pet him)
I know I still have work to do on him, but he really is a sweet kitty and I will do my best by him.  Thank you for your time last Sunday, I hope you'll be back for the next MBSE, as I will be coming by your booth to talk with you again!

M. Murphy


Robin, I just want you to know that your abilities are amazing. You helped me through a dream I had with interpretation that simply changed my whole life! I cannot tell you what it has meant to me to be able to take your directions and apply them to my life. My life, my outlook, my whole being has been changed because of you. You have so much to offer the world. You really are a wonderful person and an amazing, gifted and talented friend.

K.W., Albemarle N 


Robin, I want to thank you for my recent psychic reading. It was right on point and as you said, it made me realize the puzzle piece that I had been trying to fit together was a broken relationship that can't be fixed. Your gifts are truly amazing and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you helping me get back on track. Thank you again.

B.W., Albemarle, NC


This testimonial is based on a reading with a passed over son, followed by a soul retrieval:

 You have no idea. I feel like a different person. I feel like I can get the old me back, that there is hope. You are such a gift to me; I thank you very, very much. I am so blessed that you and I crossed paths. It’s because of you that I have a second chance at life. You have no idea what you have done for me.

 N.E., Winston-Salem, NC


I honor Robin's gifts of animal communication! Sharing this story will help one to understand just how connected she is to spirit and how she gives so freely of her gifts. My daughters’ two dogs were lost along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and she asked me to send Reiki to them. During the night, her beagle came home without her border collie. As soon as I contacted Robin, she stayed on the phone with me while she tuned in to the dog and was able to tell me that the collie was nauseous and exhausted, and would be found by the side of the road, near two large poles. Fearing the worst, I drove several hours to help look for the dog, knowing it would be impossible to search an area as massive as the Blue Ridge. Just as I reached the area where they were last seen, I stopped next to a creek where there were two telephone poles, and pulled over. Within seconds, my son-in-law went past (he did not know I had come to help) and stopped to tell me that he had just received a call from the Humane Society, and they had found a dog matching the description. The Humane Society was two driveways from where I had stopped, and the border collie was there! The call they received was from a homeowner who found her exhausted and sick to her stomach, and made the call to get her to safety. Robin was such a blessing that day. Her immediate action saved us hours of anxiety and futile searching. When I called Robin to share the good news, we both cried tears of joy!

B.H., Reiki Master, Huntersville, NC


Robin, I can't thank you enough for communicating for Kander and I. Losing a beloved pet is so difficult and heartbreaking. Your very special abilities have helped Kander and me through this transition. You were able to communicate things to me that only Kander and I know about. She and I had a special routine every night that I miss so much. Thanks to you, I now know that was Kander’s favorite thing to do. You helped me to know that she is safe and still with me in spirit form and always will be. Thanks to your communicating with Kander, I know what Kander wants me do. That is to live life like she taught me, and continues to teach me. Robin, you've been a huge help through this very challenging time.

S.T., Charlotte, NC


Robin Eatman is one of my most favorite people in the whole world! You ROCK, Robin!!!!! Thank you for my lesson today...

L.P., Denver, NC


I could not talk about my dog that I had lost 3 years ago without crying and such feelings of guilt because I had put her to sleep. She had cancer and had surgery 3 times. With the help of Robin, I can now talk about her with a smile. I now know that my mama is looking after her and all my other animals that have passed.  It makes me so happy to know this.

K.D., Sanford, NC


Robin did not just contact one of my beloved dogs who had passed on, but two. Then she topped that by contacting my present pet who at the time was on the other side of the US. The things she was able to tell me, the conversations she had with them, were amazing. Listening to her talk about Katie's paw and attitude, her “job” on the other side brought her back to me so clearly. Robin could not have possibly known these things, except by being told them by Katie. She is great and eased my mind on so many levels. Her talent is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone with questions about their pet – gone or alive.

T.F., Charlotte, NC

Thank you so much for the awesome reading.  It really put to rest some feelings I have had about the dogs.    

Tammy D.  Charlotte, NC