Need some answers in your life? Lost a loved one recently, or a beloved pet and want to contact them? My goal is to help you, to bring peace and clarity to your life. Schedule a reading today.


I can contact your loved ones that have crossed over. You may wonder, how does this work? It's all about energy. “Energy” is another word for the “Soul.”  You tell me how you wish to talk to, I CAN go find them.  Energy is not constrained by a physical body or place. In fact, I don’t have to be with my clients when I communicate for them. Often, this makes it much easier for you, the client! I can communicate with your loved ones while we are both talking on the telephone. The energy/soul of your loved one comes to me when I ‘think’ of him or her. Distance is no barrier for me. All I need to make the connection is you!

 To  schedule a reading, send me an email at: or call me at 704-254-7766.  We will schedule a time for our reading and I will send you a payment request.  It's easy!

Prices are the same for Psychic Readings or Speaking to a Loved One that has crossed over.

15 Min. Reading  ........$50.00

30 Min. Reading..........$100.00

45 Min. Reading...........$150.00

1 hour Reading..............$200.00

Soul Retrieval.................$150.00

Dream Analogy...............$50.00



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