I communicate with humans and animals. It doesn’t matter whether they are alive, here in this world, or if they have crossed over to the next. The communication comes to me from both worlds.

I am a Psychic-Medium, Animal Psychic, Master Palmist, Reiki Master,  Animal Reiki Master,  Karmic Healer,  Shamanic Practitioner and an Ancient Sacred Healer.

 I've been connected with the Spirit World my whole life.  The first time I was aware I 'heard from beyond this world' I was about five. 

 My family took a trip to the coast of South Carolina.  My father and I were playing in the ocean and he would put me on a boogie board and would  push me as a wave came.  The wave would sail me onto the land and I could become a dolphin, for bit!   Daddy would push me off and I would become a dolphin until I reached the shore then I would grab up my boogie board and hurry back into the ocean for an 'again daddy!"    Then,  there was this one time,  I don't know what happened.  I must have fallen  off the board somewhere between  my father and the coast line .   What I do know was then next thing I remember was... I was laying under the ocean waters on the wet sandy bottom  and I was not struggling.   I simply just 'was'.  Then I heard a voice, "Robin stand up....Robin stand up."   I stood up and I was not over my head in the water.  I listened to the voice and I breathed and I lived.    This was the start of my life connected with Spirit and to this day, I literally hear this Guide in my ear when I am in danger.   He is my Fierce Protector Guide and my Gate Keeper.  Spirit has always been my teacher.  Spirit and Animals have always been my teachers.    I received messages from animals that guide me on my path and Spirit is always a whisper away.   It's been a most blessed life and I am guided to share what I can with any that desires assistance.  

MY Mission

 All of my readings are intended to bring you peace, love, clarity and healing. 

My goal is to help you. I can contact your loved ones that have crossed over.  I am a 3rd Generation Psychic Medium. I call myself The Greedy Psychic Medium because I prayed for the Spirits to give me all the gifts – and they did! Known up and down the East Coast for my authentic gifts, I am able to talk with your loved ones that have passed over, to help deliver a message of understanding and healing. Just let me know at the beginning of your session and I will locate them so you can talk. Spirits give me the “gift” each client needs. Since I am a natural healer and a Reiki Master, my readings bring peace and love. I also talk to animals here in this world and those that have passed over, offering a deeper level of communication that may bring clarity and peace. I am a founder of Psychic Fridays , a spiritual group that meets monthly in Huntersville and in Charlotte,  North Carolina. For a truly life-changing session, ask me about a  Soul Retrieval, an ancient Native American Technique for making your soul whole again, which can be completed via phone or in person.

You have no idea. I feel like a different person. I feel like I can get the old me back, that there is hope. You are such a gift to me; I thank you very, very much. I am so blessed that you and I crossed paths. It’s because of you that I have a second chance at life. You have no idea what you have done for me.
— N.E., Winston-Salem, NC