messages from those that have crossed over

I first went professional as a Animal Psychic-Communicator.  I was reading an elderly woman's deceased cat and she asked if her cat was over there alone.  I saw her husband.  That day began my awareness of seeing and hearing passed over loved ones. Just knowing I could was all I needed.

I have found that a passed over loved one will manipulate a chance meeting between me and someone  they wish to talk to.  Then, out of the blue...they appear and here I go, standing between the two worlds.

I tell my clients before the session, if you wish to talk to someone, you tell me now.  I'll go get them.  Don't wait and hope for the chance they may or may not show up.  I've never met a passed over human I could not go find and talk to.  

I'm a Natural Healer, and Psychic Medium. It means that all my communications will be centered around the healing of my client.  The passed over human will not tell me random chit-chat about this or that.  Mu client is not paying me for random chit chat!  My sessions will always be about healing or about the best 'path' for my client with some psychic advice.  



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